• MG is a British Heritage car brand recently acquired by Chinese Giant SAIC. MG was looking to increase the brand awareness in the Region along with generating engagements in the Holy Month of Ramadan.​ ​
    • Solution.
      Agency focused on planning the digital strategy across 12+ markets focusing on three pillars: ​
      ​ 1. Adsense conceptualized, designed and developed a show for Ramadan with a weekly Cars draw.​​
      ​ 2. Leveraging the concept of Gamification, users had to interact in a micro-website, watch an intro and play a game in order to participate to the draw​​
      ​ 3. Lucky winners were announced on a weekly base through a Live Show that received thousands of views and interactions.​
      ​ ​ 4. KPIs exceeded expectations: 266% higher than benchmark, helping MG enhance its brand equity across GCC. 11.6 Million People saw the live show in total.​
  • Target Segment
    • Millennials/Students
    • Families/First Time Drivers​​
    • Lifestyle Passionate​
    • Social Media Enthusiasts ​
  • 266%
    Higher engagement rate
    vs benchmark​
  • 50k
    Leads generated from
    gamification activity
  • 40%
    Watch rate of​ live stream
    weekly show

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